ITAKA Software

ITAKA Software


All those wishing to know more about the ITAKA method, whether they come from Italy or elsewhere in the world, are welcome to attend the ITAKA headquarters in Marcon (Venice), where they can avail  themselves of technical assistance and complete training in interpretation and use of these concepts, including a dedicated Customer Care service directly run by the company.

As well as a customized operative protocol, ITAKA provides a programme of training and tutoring both for clinical users and dental technicians who acquire this system, with the goal of ensuring continuous updating throughout the territory.
2021 saw the birth of ITAKA LAB, a network of qualified laboratories for the production of prostheses, with the goal of providing assistance and support to dental surgeons using the ITAKA system, in their respective area of competence.

Software for clinics
The Cyclops management software. Simple to use, it displays the patient’s data, guiding the doctor, with a time commitment of 10-15 minutes.

Software for laboratories
Software for management of the Arthur articulator, developed to repeat perfectly the movements recorded by Cyclops, with special devices for easy laboratory use.