The Cyclops system

CYCLOPS is our clinical data acquisition system. A high precision tool, its system of highest-tech video cameras allows scanning, recording and exportation of all the patient’s free mandibular movements as data reproducible according to analytical schemes that are measurable and comparable with ranges of normality.

All movements necessary for analysis of free mandibular movements, in fact, such as opening and closing of the mouth, front structure, gothic arch and the different mastication cycles for the various food typologies, are recorded in programmed and customizable sequences in the software.

The movements thus registered as data and graphics are then replicated digitally and interpreted through sophisticated software, used for diagnostic purposes as well as for the creation of various prosthetic or therapeutic articles. They subsequently GUIDE an ANALOGICAL DYNAMIC ARTICULATOR in their functionality, with precise reproduction of the patient’s movements as recorded by Cyclops and modified in the implementation of these same articles by the Management Software.