IDS Cologne: Innovations in the Dental Medicine Industry and Itaka Way Med

The IDS (International Dental Show) in Cologne is one of the most important trade fairs worldwide for the dental medicine industry. The fair was first organized in 1923 and has now reached its 100th edition, with numerous companies and professionals presenting their latest innovations and technologies.

As every year, the IDS fair in Cologne was an important opportunity for all those operating in the field of dental prosthetics and care to stay up to date with the latest developments, procedures, materials, and modern equipment. This year, we noticed a significant trend among companies to create closed digital workflows that may be conflicting for those who want to be responsive to market needs and innovations.

The introduction of sophisticated and complex software is certainly speeding up and simplifying the production of prosthetics, but it also requires a deep understanding of protocols and training for their use. That is why we believe that informatics will become the key to success in the dental care industry in the coming years.

The time has come for Itaka Way Med, participation in the IDS fair in Cologne was crucial to introduce our company to the foreign market and finally have an international comparison. We realized that our journey is absolutely in the right direction (ITAKA) thanks to the presentation of the robotic articulator Arthur (Articulator Human Replication), which boasts two patents to date, and the confirmation of our work protocol already tested and continuously evolving for over three years.

The first official debut from Italy was very positive and gave us several ideas to continue implementing our product to further improve and speed up the processes for dental medicine and prosthetics, but above all, to ensure patient health. In fact, this is our primary objective that we care about the most.

In conclusion, the IDS fair in Cologne was an opportunity for all industry operators to compare themselves with the latest innovations and trends. Itaka Way Med has proven to be a cutting-edge company in the field of dental prosthetics and care, with an innovative product and a strong focus on patient health. We are confident that the future of the dental care industry will be increasingly linked to informatics and new technologies, and Itaka Way Med will be ready to seize all the opportunities that arise to continue to grow and improve sustainably even for small laboratories and medical practices.