ITAKA develops software and provides training for dental prosthesis.

It is addressed to doctors of the dental sector and dental technicians, because it provides qualitative features not easily obtained from other suppliers. The distinguishing feature of ITAKA is its having created a protocol via technology able to construct the masticatory organ and achieve a result as close as possible to the patient’s original apparatus.

The ITAKA project was born in 2014 from the meeting between an idea of the master dental technician BEPPE RAMPULLA, a specialist in Gnathology, and LUCA PIGHIN, the owner-manager of a company developing and distributing innovative materials and technologies in the dental sector. Once developed, it became the first in the world for the uniqueness with which it recorded the patient’s real functional parameters and their implications in rehabilitative prosthetic practice, having been conceived and focused on implementation of free functional movement completely compliant with each single patient’s individuality.


What is ITAKA’s mission?


To make it possible for patients to feel unexpectedly at their ease from the moment the prosthesis is inserted, without need for corrective adjustments.


To give the dentist tools that are modern, easy and above all rapid, to cut times and remain competitive, improving the patient’s experience.

With this technology, these concerns, not to speak of hours of work, are completely eliminated.

“The idea of positioning was an immediate winner with customers”, explains Luca Pighin, partner and CEO of ITAKA, “but we had to overcome the general scepticism of specialists who had never seen such real progress in the dental prosthesis field”. 

ITAKA technology has enabled us to improve patients’ lives, and also those of dental operators – doctors, dental technicians and more besides. Today, at last, thanks to ITAKA’s protocol and technology, dental operators can be perceived as avant-garde professionals able to provide the best service on the market. “We have great goals for the coming years”, continues Luca Pighin, “and approval reaches us every day from highly reputed professionals of the sector, in Italy and abroad”.

Future goals

ITAKA WAY MED boasts an excellent, unstoppable research & development department. The results speak for themselves, but it is worth drawing attention to the company’s constant evolution as it reaches its goals of satisfying training quality, improved rapidity of assistance and its success in creating prostheses for patients with the certainty that further adjustments will not be needed. This latter goal fill us with pride and our users’ satisfaction is the proof of it. If there are substantial technological developments, our customers will receive the latest updatings to have an avant-garde tool constantly available.